Data Centers

Exception Alerts with Smart Place
for Voltage Ampere, Temperature, Humidity, and leakage

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With businesses driving complex computing requirements, data centers are now hosting varied infrastructure and carrying more business-critical information than ever before. This has in turn increased the demand for end to end management of both active and passive infrastructure within the data center.

Data Center Racks Made Smart

Detects vibrations, such as from earthquakes or damaged fans along three axes

Can be placed at the front or rear of the rack to monitor cool air entering and/or hot air being expelled, and ensure proper containment

Meter airflow in plenum space such as under a raised floor, or just above the perforated tiles

Dual contact closure is used with third-party sensors such as smoke detectors, magnetic door locks, or to trigger webcams whenever a cabinet door is opened.

Sensors monitor leaks on the floor, around an area, on liquid cooled racks, and can detect condensation

Meter differential air pressure above and below a raised floor, or between hot aisles and cold aisles to prevent thermal leaks

String together 3 sensor heads, making it easy to mount them at the bottom, middle, and top of the cool air inlet side as per ASHRAE guidelines

Smart Monitoring

AMiOT sensors support all major environmental parameters to monitor data center gear. Further, the out of the box capability can be augmented with custom sensing probes to meet a wide range of monitoring requirements.

Near Real-Time Analytics

AMiOT’s sensors are designed to capture all relevant environmental and access parameters in a data center. The data captured is analyzed in its near real-time analytics engine to provide deep operational inputs. The AMiOT smart place sensor can monitor Voltage and current (V& I), temperature, humidity and water leakage.

The analytics engine also helps service managers with predictive actionable insights based on continual performance analysis. This reduces downtime and outages through preventive actions that can be taken based on these insights.


Centralized analytics and remote monitoring for data centers.


AMIoT Platform

Featured Initiative: The Foundation of a Smart Building

This Housing Unit in NYC is taking steps to ensure the safety and security of its residents.

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Technologies Deployed

Protecting the property and its occupants with connected devices, monitoring systems and a mobile app.

Relyance App

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2,000,000+ sensors deployed.
100,000+ smart sites.
40 years of experience.

2,000,000+ sensors deployed.
100,000+ smart sites.
40 years of experience.