Broadband Management System

Utilize sophisticated algorithms to produce actionable insights about your network.

Versatility and scalability are the guiding principles of the BOSSc platform.

BOSSc™ Broadband Management System Details

The BOSSc™ Broadband Management System is a powerful, modular monitoring solution for Broadband Networks and Base Transceiver Station (BTS) deployments. Capable of mining data from hundreds of thousands of devices, the data analytics engine of the BOSSc system takes it one step further, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to correlate information from multiple sources – device measurements, databases and user inputs – to produce actionable insights about your network.

With growing pressure to consolidate the number of monitoring systems in the NOC and CO, AM Technologies has developed a single platform to manage all network elements, regardless of manufacturer, device type or quantity. Simply stated, BOSSc is architected for flexibility and optimized for performance. Written in Java, BOSSc can run on Windows or Linux, in a server cluster or in the cloud.

BOSSc™ Features

  • Modular, scalable architecture
  • Supports any manufacturer, any device type
  • Auto-discovery, auto-naming of devices
  • High-speed polling
  • Multi-layered security
  • Data logging, plotting and trending
  • Device driver editor
  • Correlation and analytics
  • Time-to-failure prediction
  • Rules engine for alarm handling and notification
  • Graphical alarm reporting, alarm storm mitigation
  • Surveillance camera activation
  • Graphical, tabular or grid dashboard
  • Multiple tree views
  • Map view option
  • Smartphone app
  • Advanced search techniques
  • Machine learning
  • Asset management
  • Reports engine
  • SNMP, standard/proprietary MIB support
  • Compatibility with industry standards – HMS, DOCSIS
  • Web-based Java application, server cluster or cloud
  • Windows/LINUX OS Support

BOSSc™ Broadband Management System Details (cont'd)

Multiple views, access rights and interfaces are supported. Segmentation gives you the ability to assign operator access to segments of the network. Machine learning techniques optimize performance. A map view option shows the location of assets, and a phone app is available for field personnel. A reports engine provides a facility for configuring and generating custom reports, for display or export in PDF or Excel format.

The BOSSc Rules Engine goes above and beyond traditional alarm reporting, with the power to assign actions to be taken when an alarm is triggered. Alarms can be matched to a rule or sequence of rules, prompting an immediate action to execute before the alarm is displayed at the NOC. BOSSc can be configured to initiate alerts: phone calls, text messages, emails, and audible alarms, in response to specific events such as outages, unauthorized access, scheduled maintenance or theft.

Versatility and scalability are the guiding principles of the BOSSc platform, resulting in the most powerful tool available to NOC, CO and field personnel for identifying and resolving system issues. The modular architecture and comprehensive list of supported devices enables unrestricted growth by feature, as well as growth by volume, making the BOSSc Broadband Management System the best choice for your network management needs.

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