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Senses, connects, monitors and manages smart devices and assets efficiently and remotely.

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AMIoT from AM Technologies

AMIoT from AM Technologies, is a smart and secured IoT platform powered with Machine learning and Analytics for Remote Monitoring and machine -machine work force automation. It features a modular and interconnected mesh of technologies that addresses business challenges end to end. The platform automates and improves remote monitoring solution, boosts agility, generates crucial insights that enhances client experience, and thus enabling better decision making.

The Amiot platform works with the Smart Sense device, which has nine sensor probes. Three of them are embedded in the system and six can be used for multiple deployments. The Smart Sense is a 2 inch by 3 inch by 0.6 inch unit (excluding battery). The unit has a rechargeable battery with a life of five to seven years. The device is intelligent for smart alerts,

AMIoT is an IoT platform, that provides a complete site-to-mobile platform to enable Field Service Management (FSM) service leaders to take the right decision at the right time.

AMIoT is a truly scalable, ruggedized, efficient IoT platform which uses low power and long-range communication technology across the CONNECT-MONITOR-ACT paradigm.

AMIoT enables an end to end integrated IoT platform that provides operational insights for both indoor and outdoor gear supported by Field Service Management personnel.

The platform helps improve service metrics across the lifecycle of Field Service Management operations. Insights from the system, ensure the right field personnel can be engaged with full preparation before they reach onsite. At the point of arrival, the system guides the personnel to the exact location of the equipment, reducing the time to locate the site. Finally, the system supports the field service management function by tracking system performance and alerting on exceptions and working on the resolution.

AMIoT Platform

AMIoT Platform Features

Optimized Field and Facility Services

Service operations gain efficiency with improved staff utilization, exception management and trouble ticket handling



Constantly evolving platform incorporating latest technology advancements


APIs for integration with complementary enterprise applications

IoT Enabled

Smartplace inventory of things facilitates onboarding of sensors and devices

Remote Monitoring and Control

Highly robust platform for secure monitoring and control applications with geolocation


Advanced Visualization and Predictive Analysis tools

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