Next-Gen Video Analytics for Better Business Insights

With VueLogix, take advantage of one of the best video analytics intelligence that draws critical insights, enhances operational efficiency, improves customer experience and boosts revenue growth of your organization like never before



Industries Transformed

Experience the transformative power of our software across diverse industries:


Enhance store layouts, service speed, and customer engagement to boost sales of products and prevent losses with features like queue analysis, customer count and more.

Drive Through

Utilize data-based insights from drive through coverage, right from entry to exit, helping crack bottlenecks, save time, maximize revenue and elevate customer experience.

Car Wash

Make better operational decisions to accelerate the speed of service, improve productivity, reduce losses and enhance customer experience with real-time insights.


Elevate guest experiences and streamline staff workflows, driving better service through data-driven insights from occupancy tracking, hygiene, maintenance, etc.