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AMT is a global leader in surveillance, security, management and safety products and integrated systems. Our advanced technologies deliver innovative functionality and performance

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  • Future proof dynamic architectures
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  • Improved vessel tracking & identification

Buoy Monitoring Systems

The data received through our buoy monitoring systems can be used in broad range of applications.


Fully customisable, range of high performance AIS product solutions for all marine applications.

Fully integrated ship management

Irrespective of the size or type of the ship we can track, monitor and manage it at optimal cost.

Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

We have the most advanced maritime surveillance system that provides greater vessel detection, tracking, illegal and suspicious activity alerts.

Buoy Monitoring Systems

Buoys are a great help when it comes to navigation and to ensure efficient and safe operation of waterways.

Nowadays they are not just used as physical markers for shipping, but they can also assist in environmental monitoring devices such as weather stations, hydro-logical sensors, oil spill detectors and fish tracking and aggregation systems whether far out to sea or on inland waterways.

AIS is used to send the buoy details such as position, type, name and light characteristics and battery health information as well as any sensor information to mariners, leisure boat, ship users, authorities and scientists for it to be displayed on various  systems and chart plotters. AIS allows for the notification of buoy movement and “off position” alerts as well as the ability to instantaneously set up “virtual” and “synthetic” AIS AtoNs.

Fully integrated ship management

We offer a range of turn-key vessel tracking system solutions suitable for surveillance and monitoring applications. Each provides intelligent fusing of terrestrial and satellite AIS and radar providing full coverage vessel tracking and identification, with real time capability.

Terrestrial installations (sensors installed along the coastline) offer real time coverage.

Our systems provide proven, reliable vessel tracking and identification with a wide range of functionality that enables operators to harness the power of this high quality tracking data.

Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

Maritime threats come from a variety of sources, both foreign and domestic, and effective maritime monitoring systems will provide critical protection capabilities.  The security and sovereignty of a maritime are of national interest.

Our fully integrated turn-key solution can be scaled and customised to meet all maritime security requirements. It provides a state of the art maritime security solution suitable for national agencies such as Coast Guards, and Navy. The system seamlessly networks multiple surveillance sensors such as high-performance radars, AIS and CCTV, intelligently fusing, analysing, displaying and managing the data within the framework of a sophisticated system.


The automatic identification system (AIS) is an automatic tracking system that uses transceivers on ships and is used by vessel traffic services (VTS). AIS information supplements marine radar, which continues to be the primary method of collision avoidance for water transport.


Case Study

Our systems are used in a wide variety of applications. But what really sets the user experience apart is the support and service provided by our application engineers, which helps ensure successful project completion and operation, into the future.

Our systems employ the latest technologies and provide high-quality data, transmitted by cellular, satellite or radio, and shared in real-time on a secure web datacenter. 

One such use case is for WIWANET, an India based company who wanted to leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative services across customer segments.