Our field and facilitiy services
support greater team efficiency

For Telecom field service organizations, the connection of remote IoT sensors to cognitive cloud intelligence enables an unprecedented level of workforce management and productivity. Our AMIoT platform enables customers to deploy limited resources in a more efficient manner with exception management, automated trouble ticketing and geolocation/direction finding.

Boost your Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Take advantage of IoT-enabled devices and monitor equipment from anywhere

Deploy your resources in a more efficient manner.

Ensure repairs are made before downtime occurs.

Remote Monitoring

  • Receive real-time status updates and early warning of oncoming issues
  • Trigger an alert when a threshold is exceeded
  • Troubleshoot distressed devices

Automated Trouble Ticketing

  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs
  • Create service tickets to schedule technician follow-ups
  • Assign tasks based on criteria such as work shifts, experience level and proximity to the site


Bringing machine learning to your telecom network.



Featured Initiative: The Foundation of a Smart Building

This Housing Unit in NYC is taking steps to ensure the safety and security of its residents.

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Technologies Deployed

Protecting the property and its occupants with connected devices, monitoring systems and a mobile app.

Relyance App

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