Effectively manage all your stores with our AI cloud system.

 Understand your customers   Manage your inventory   Improve your operations 

A complete suite of Products Solutions
for the modern retailer‚Äč

Quickly identify and investigate any potential issues

Fast investigations, AI insights, comprehensive data for all stores.

Utilize centralized monitoring and intelligent
controls to optimize energy usage throughout your stores.

Video Intelligence

Easily search for specific transactions and view or export both receipt and video. Keep an eye on suspicious behavior via the integrated POS exception analysis tool.

POS Integration

Traffic & Conversion


Store Optimization

Remote Store Visits

Understanding Shopper Journey

Site Security

Understand how store layout changes impact shopper behavior. Perform effective, data-driven A/B testing of layouts using our comprehensive Shopper Journey product.

Need help interpreting and actioning the data, or applying industry best practices? Leverage our team of retail experts and data scientists.

Site Monitoring

Ensure the safety of your associates, your customers, and your merchandise with complete video coverage and easy, instant access to snapshots and video on desktop and mobile.

Reduce investigation time from days down to hours with sophisticated cloud-based tools, and instant access to video, image snapshots, and point-of-sale data.


Accurately measure traffic and conversion with the most advanced traffic system ever built.

Measure, display, and control store occupancy in real-time to instill confidence in shoppers and safely reopen your stores.

Analyze and optimize your staff schedules to reduce labor costs and maximize conversion, while ensuring an optimal shopper experience.


Get real-time data on which campaigns drive traffic to your store.

Perform effective, data-driven A/B testing of store layouts and product assortment using our comprehensive shopper journey solution.

Unify your eCommerce and brick-and-mortar initiatives by connecting online and offline journeys.


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