AM Technologies and Ashling Systems Collaborate on RISC-V Technology for IoT Applications

There is no dispute that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is growing rapidly, reaching the tens of billions by 2020.  The cloud computing model for processing data in IoT applications will surely be strained beyond its limits as these applications grow not only in number, but also in complexity.  With the maturation of IoT, use cases such as complex image and signal processing are certain to generate an inordinate amount of data at the device level.  Moreover, many of these devices must transmit this extensive quantity of data through low-bandwidth wireless links such as NB-IoT and LoRa.  To this we can add one more challenge: operating the device with full functionality over an extended period of time with limited power availability.

To address these emerging challenges, AM Technologies and Ashling Systems have come together on a collaborative project, applying their collective expertise in the disciplines of Remote Monitoring, IoT and RISC-V development and test tools.  RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing, a technology that utilizes a small subset of instructions to carry out processing.  With a reduced set of instructions, the speed of processing is optimized and more efficient, while consuming less power.  RISC-V technology is ideal for embedded IoT applications with low or no power availability coupled with highly reliable performance demands.

AM Technologies’ experience in Remote Monitoring Systems spans a four decade period, with a customer base across numerous industries including Telecom, Broadband, Data Centers and Smart Buildings.  The company has developed the “amiot” IoT platform, offering customers the ability to “Connect, Monitor and Act.” With the amiot platform, remote IoT sensors connect to cognitive cloud intelligence, enabling an unprecedented level of system management and enterprise productivity.

Ashling Systems provides the RiscFree™ Ecosystem, a unique Cloud Platform and Comprehensive IoT Test Bed, for use in the development and validation of RISC-V applications within the setup environment or a pre-hardware simulation and modeling environment.  Ashling’s debug tools include full IDE, RISC-V compilation, RTOS-aware debugging, JTAG probe, trace and a full suite of simulation with hardware modeling.